Project Description

Underground Gas Storage (UGS)

Every day enough gas for everyone. It seems logical, but it is not. It is a complex logistical puzzle to always deliver the right amount of natural gas at the right time. Netherlands has enough natural gas, but the natural pressure is less and less. Due to this pressure drop natural gas become more difficult to flow upward. In a peak demand during extreme cold this may cause a temporary shortage of natural gas. Hence at “Grijpskerk” and “Langelo” underground gas storage facilities are built. During low demand for gas in summer the excess produced gas is stored in an empty gas field. The gas storage Norg should help out more often and thus ready to be there, both capacity and productivity must be increased. The following picture depict how a UGS is functioning.


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The injection, and then again withdraw gas from the well, is a complex and requires custom designed installation. As partner of GLT-PLUS (consortium created by NAM specifically for these projects) we have in a three years period significantly contributed in the successfully delivering of the above mentioned facilites to the NAM. Engineering, organization, management, execution, maintenance and breakthrough innovations were core activities in the various undertaking projects.